Installation Guide




STEP 1: Preparation
  • Measure the length of an area you want to attach your strip lights to. Make sure that you have enough wire length to reach a power outlet.
  • Clean the surface and let it dry. NOTE: As long as the surface is clean, you will be able to remove and reattach your strip lights later without damaging the adhesive tape or leaving any spots on the surface.
  • Peel off plastic protector to reveal the adhesive tape. Only peel off about 2 feet (50cm) at once to make sure the rest tape doesn't catch debris.


STEP 2: Installation
  • Start attaching your strip lights to the surface. Having someone else hold your strip lights will make installation much easier.
  • Connect your strip lights to the Wi-Fi adapter. NOTE: Make sure that the red arrow on the Wi-Fi adapter corresponds to the black arrow on the strip. (if applicable)
  • Remove the plastic protector from your Wi-Fi adapter and attach it to the surface.
  • Connect your Wi-Fi adapter to a power outlet.




    STEP 3: Download and Set Up the App (if applicable)
    • Download our free app by scanning the QR code on your Wi-Fi adapter. Or simply download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is called Magic Home Pro.
    • Open Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and connect to signal "LEDnetxxx"
    • Make sure your phone's Wi-Fi setting is on. Open the app and register your Magic Home Account.
    • Click "+" to add a device, select the strip light model you want to connect.
    • Select a Wi-Fi network and enter the password of the network.
    • Name your strip light with English characters only.


    Step 4: Check your Controller
    • Please purchase a battery at your nearest retailer. The remote controller uses a CR2025-CR2032 battery.
    • Once you've installed the battery, check the remote by pointing it at the remote receiver.
    • If nothing happens, please check that the battery was not inserted upside down. Flip the battery over and try again.
    • If you are experiencing any issues please reach out to us via email

    Step 5: Enjoy